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This is HODMADODDERY’s website
There’s really very little that you really need to know about us,
and it’s probably not anything we could express on these pages (er,
ask our Girlfriends, our exes, our mothers...)

If however you persist in pursuing various bits of fairly random
information, of varying degrees of usefulness, that’s what the www
is full of, so why not this bit too? Oh the technology, genius,
resources that are expended in something so unimportant. Oh well.

From the links on the right you can find out whether we’re playing
at any time in the near future (we’re lazy so’n’sos) or if there's
other news, whether you really have succeeded in escaping any of
our multifarious recorded output, indeed what we sound like to
start with if you really don’t already know, what we look like
(not too off-putting), some places we like to sup a pint or a good
bottle, some friends of ours you should check out too, some useful
information if you want to book us for a gig or a festival, and the
full unexpurgated story, from the days of unlimited free cider and tickling battles, through Comfylux,
Pearce, Darch, Wilcox and Maiden Newton, all the way to the fine upstanding gentlemen we are today.

We finally got round to having one of these website things a decade ago (2007) when we worked out that we’d been playing as a duo for TWENTY ONE YEARS (or as near as we could work it out, unless anyone knows different, etc.), and that was kinda worth celebrating. And because myspace is an eater of souls, of course. The Birthday Party was over a lunchtime gig at The Bell, Walcot Street, Bath, on SUNDAY 15th APRIL 2007, and we had a six-piece lineup, which will stand as a record for the moment. There are some pictures up on the gallery pages, and there's even a recording for sale, so it doesn't matter if you missed it ;-D

Steve made this website and he hasn’t done one before, so be kind.
It’s not finished yet and he’ll probably be adding pieces for the next 21 years.

EMail us:

- swap the <AT> for the @ character, and you're away!

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